Globalizing Compassion

By focusing on six core elements, Friends of the Dalai Lama will work to spread the understanding and importance of compassion throughout the world.


Promoting Human Values

Based on the understanding that we are all primarily connected and mutually dependent on each other, as well as heavily dependent on our ecosystems, the environment in which we all live together in one big family, including all other sentient beings.


Promoting Social Integrity

To create more global dialogues and promote international awareness of world peace and universal responsibility.


Promoting Interreligious Dialogue

Working on common ground to reach agreements that lead to unbiased understanding of people as a “peaceful humanity.”



Promoting Environmental Protection and Sustainability

To increase awareness of global warming and the inevitably consequential environmental change.


Promoting Compassionate Education

To aid in the development of curricula and provide scholarships that advance secular ethics.


Promoting Ethical Leadership

Fostering leadership in our society based on the principles of kindness, compassion and humility.